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Structure of the Daughters of Sion Meeting

Weekly Meeting: Text
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1. Opening Prayer:

Pray the Magnificat (button below) This prayer unites all the Daughters of Sion with the greatest Daughter of God, Mary Most Holy, in her great prayer of praise, thanksgiving and glorification of God.  

2. Weekly Check In: Each woman is invited to give a (2 minute max) report to the sisterhood on how things have been going for her across the 3 pillars of Daughters of Sion:  Prayer, Ascesis, Sisterhood.  She should perhaps write down a few important points and bring that to the meeting.  All the others present should observe a respectful silence, but the person directing the meeting should not allow too much of an over-run on the 2 minutes.  Daily, at the end of the Lectio Divina, the women are invited to make a concrete resolution. Their weekly report should, therefore, mention one of these resolutions and how it went.  Each person’s report should not dwell only on the negative, but also on the positive of the week just past.  Rule of thumb for the check-in: be brief, be clear, be honest, be positive.

3. Any Clarifications/Questions:  There now is the opportunity for the women to ask for any clarifications regarding the disciplines or to ask advice on a particular aspect that is a struggle.  Within the sisterhood there is already a wealth of wisdom and experience.  However, this is not to turn into a kind of group therapy session. 

4. Before the Meeting Ends:  Agree when and where the sisterhood will meet next.  Try to ensure that a time and place suitable to everyone is chosen.  However, the women will have to be flexible and willing to prioritise the weekly meeting with the sisters – although not to the detriment of their particular vocations and duties in life.   The sisterhood should also decide which 1 discipline, of the 2 disciplines allowed, they are going to relax the following Sunday.

5. Closing Prayer: The Hail Mary should be prayed to end the meeting and to place the sisterhood firmly under the Mantle of Mary.   

Weekly Meeting: Text
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